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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Final BBA Project Report: Guidelines

1. The candidate shall do a project for a business organization.
2. The report shall be printed and spiral bound with not less than 50 pages.
3. The project report should be submitted to the Head of the Department one month before the last working day of the final year.
4. The project can be done individually.
5. The candidate shall prepare at least two copies of the report: one copy for submission to the Department and one copy for the student which he/she has to bring with him/her at the time of viva voce.
6. A certificate showing the duration of the project work shall be obtained from the organization for which the project work was done and it shall be included in the project report.

Project work shall have the following stages
 Project proposal presentation
 Field work and data analysis
 Report writing
 Draft project report presentation
 Final project report submission

Duration of project work
The duration for project work is 4 weeks.

Structure of the report
Title page
Certificate from the organization ( for having done the project work)
Certificate from guide
Chapter I : Introduction (Organization profile, Research problem, objectives of the study, Research methodology etc.)
Chapter II: Review of literature(Theoretical framework)
Chapters III and IV: Data Analysis and Interpretations (2 or 3 chapters)
Chapter V: Summary, Findings and Recommendations.
Appendix (Questionnaire, specimen copies of forms, other exhibits etc.)
Bibliography (books, journal articles etc. used for the project work).

Evaluation of project report
The project report shall be subject to double evaluation:
The candidate should get a minimum 50% mark for project report for a pass.
At the end of final year candidate shall attend a comprehensive viva voce.
The candidate should get a minimum 50% mark in the viva voce for a pass

Useful Tips
1. Project can be based on primary or secondary data
2. Minimum sample size should be 30
3.  20-25 questions are desired
4. Use statistical tools for analysis
5. model topics: a) Based on secondary data- Growth of a particular industry in india, Financial Analysis of a Company, Fundamental or Technical Analysis of selected companies, etc
b) Based on primary data- Customer satisfaction survey, employee satisfaction survey, investment habits of salaried workers, perception about banking & investments among rural people, Effectiveness of advertisment or new schemes of a firm, etc
Abbas vattoli

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jayan said...

The project has been started early this year. We are glad to be the batch doing it. Thanks to our teachers.